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About Vault 55

Expert Sourcing

Amanda, the owner of Vault 55, isn't merely in love with fashion; she is obsessed with handpicking each piece for its rarity, quality and the value it can add to her client's own collections.

Every piece available is a result of a global curation process. Amanda pours her expertise into every choice, ensuring that each piece meets Vault 55's standards of quality and style.

By owning each and every piece for sale, Vault 55 is able to deliver a very unique promise: the promise of guaranteed quality and authenticity. Owning all our own inventory results in lightning-fast deliveries and a return process that's stress-free. It's not just about selling fantastic luxury pieces; it's about crafting an exceptional experience for you.

A Luxury Experience

Care & Packaging

Packaged in secure boxes and snug dust bags, every item is well-stored and cared for in prime packaging just waiting for you.

At Vault 55, it's not just about what you buy; it's about the story you take home with each item. You’re invited to dive into our hand-curated collection —a place where vintage luxury isn't just a commodity; it's a bespoke adventure waiting to unfold.