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Havre de Luxe Fabric & Leather Power Foam Cleanser

  • Havre de Luxe's most powerful cleanser
  • Can help to remove biro pen (ballpoint pen) marks, foundation, denim transfer, lipstick stains
  • Alcohol free, PH Neutral formula
  • Use on the exterior & interior of your handbags and accessories


Shake well before use

  1. Apply evenly using our soft cloth or Premium Horsehair Brush
  2. Remove dirt residue with a dry, clean cloth or soft bristle brush (be careful with soft bristle brushes on delicate leathers such as lambskin)
  3. Dependant on condition, several applications may be require, allow to fully dry between applications or before use
  4. After cleansing we always recommend conditioning & protecting

This is our strongest cleanser and excessive abrasion / force is not recommended particularly when working with delicate leathers. As with all of our products - light, even applications are recommended  

Test product for any adverse reactions in an inconspicuous area first, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Unsuitable for suede, nubuck or microfibre

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HAVRE DE LUXE Havre de Luxe Fabric & Leather Power Foam Cleanser - Vault 55
Havre de Luxe Fabric & Leather Power Foam Cleanser Sale price$18.00